8th April, 2017


HEY KARATE KAs ! As you all know other than PKF2017  there is also the 27th MAKAF NATIONAL CADET, JUNIOR & U-21 KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017  that was held in March too! MAKAF JUNIOR 2017 was held at the home of the northern star which is PERLIS  😆 . Our fellow friends from our club participated in the championship and came back with awesome results! They were able to bring back 7 golds , 5 silvers and 1 bronze , isn’t that cool!

Here are the achievements!


Ashley Toh Ti Ying ( Silver )

Madeline Wong Mei Ge ( Bronze )



Joven Bong Pew Wu ( Silver )

and her teammate ( gold )



Ariana Lim Jun Yi – our former senior  ( Gold )

and her teammate –  Chang Sin Yi ( silver )



Mabel Theodora Robless  ( gold )

Madeline Wong Mei Ge  ( gold )

and also their teammate from SGGS  – Kwok Wen Chi ( gold )

Other than our girls here are the other achievements from the other participants


Tan Wai Keat ( CHCHS ) ( gold )

Su Ming Wei ( CLPHS ) ( silver )



Ooi San Hong ( SXI ) (gold )

Yong Kojiro ( CLPHS ) ( silver )



Ivan Oh Theng Wei ( gold )

Howart Tan Jia Jie ( silver )

Yong Ryotaro ( bronze )



Ooi San Hong ( SXI ) ( gold )

Ernie Tye Chun Chuen ( CLPHS ) ( gold )

Yong Kojiro ( CLPHS ) ( gold )

Here are some other pictures !

After the awarding ceremony

Hope you enjoyed and always remember WORK HARD AND NEVER GIVE UP !!




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8th April, 2017

PKF 2017

HEY GUYS! sorry for not updating the blog for quite a while 😮  But if you were wondering what happen during the past month…well our fellow karate members participated in PKF 2017 selections which was held in Dewan Silat , Majlis Sukan Negeri , Pulau Pinang! Here are some pictures:-D

Joven Bong Pey Wu ( S5E ) Won first place in the Junior Female Individual Kata Category


Ashley Toh Ti Ying (K3J) Won first placing in the Cadet Female Individual Kata Category


Madeline Wong Mei Ge ( K3J )  Won second placing in the Cadet Female Individual Kata Category

Due to their achievements, they were able to participate in MAKAF 2017.

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13th January, 2017

First Training of 2017

Hi Guys, welcome to Karate – Do Club. You’re part of the family now ! Please be noted that tomorrow , 14/1 will be our first training of the year . Hope to see you guys!

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14th September, 2016

Gotong Royong 2016

We had our gotong royong on 10/9/2016 (Saturday). All of the members cleaned the stadium of the school together. They helped each other, and got closer to each other. This is a good activity to build up a strong team of Karate Club.

IMG_4394 IMG_4388 IMG_4386 IMG_4384

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14th September, 2016

Committee List 2016

Pengerusi                         :Ariana Lim Jun Yi                S5I

Naib Pengerusi                :Sylvia Teoh Jia Yi                P4A

Setiausaha                        : Nicole Chong Sue Lynn     S5D

P. Setiasusaha                  : See Ying Hui                       S4B

Bendahari                         : Mabel Theodora Robless K3B

P.Bendahari                      : Madeline Wong Mei Ge   K2I

Ketua Papan Kenyataan: Kheoh Sin Yee                    S4H

Ketua Disiplin                  : Joven Bong Pey Wu          S4E


T1&2: Ashley Toh Ti Ying K2L

T3: Audrey Lim Xue Chi K3F

T4: Lim Mei Xian S4C

T5: Loh Nian Hui S5H

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6th September, 2016

2016 Committee List



Guru-guru Penasihat:

1. Cik Lim Suat Har

2. Cik Chew Ho Im 

3. Pn. Lau Siik Ngie 

4. Pn. Jeyaletchumi


Pengerusi : Ariana Lim Junyi S4I
Naib Pengerusi : Sylvia Teoh Jia Yi                   P4A
Setiausaha : Nicole Chong Sue Lynn         S5D
Pen. Setiausaha : See Ying Hui                             S4B
Bendahari : Mabel Theodora Robless      K3B
Pen. Bendahari : Madeline Wong Wei Ge   K2I
Ketua Disiplin : Joven Bong Pey Wu             S4E
Ketua Papan Kenyataan : Kheoh Sin Yee                        S4H
Wakil Tingkatan 1 : Ashley Toh Ti Ying               K2L
Wakil Tingkatan 2 : Ashley Toh Ti Ying               K2L
Wakil Tingkatan 3 : Audrey Lim Xue Chi             K3F
Wakil Tingkatan 4 : Lim Mei Xian                          S4B
Wakil Tingkatan 5 : Loh Nian Hui S5H

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23rd June, 2016


Ariana Lim Junyi (S5I) won a bronze medal in the Individual Kata event at this international karate championship which was held from 7/4 – 10/4/2016.

Ariana Lim took a photo with her coach, Sensei Lim Lee Lee


All the Malaysia players got brilliant result


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17th April, 2016

CSTC 2016

There will be a Combined School Training Camp at Chung Ling High School on May 2nd 2016. Please pass up your form and RM25 to your form representative by this MONDAY (18/4/16). After Monday, please pass to our karate president, Ariana Lim (S5I). The deadline is 19/4/16 (Tuesday).

Pass your form and money to :

Form 1 and 2 – Ashley Toh (K2L)

Form 3 – Audrey Lim (K3F)

Form 4 – Lim Mei Xian (S4C)

Form 5 – Ariana Lim (S5I)

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14th April, 2016

26th MAKAF National Cadet, Junior, U-21 Karate Championships 2016 – Pra Sukma

Our school girls participated in the National Karate Championships at the Miri Indoor Stadium, Sarawak from 17th to 19th of March 2016. Their results were satisfying. We won 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in the kata events.


We reached the stadium about 7a.m. and started warming-up at the warming-up area under the guidance of our coach and seniors.


Our sensei giving advice to the participants.

12049708_980743205380142_5466091888961536400_n 10349981_980743275380135_7905626038688115228_n 1936176_980743215380141_7086311034366601554_n Soon the event started with cadet event first. This is Madeline Wong Mei-Ge from K2I. 

mady mad

She won a bronze medal for the Cadet Female category

.ariana ariana. 995390_980748092046320_4882634874419347220_n

It then continued with the Junior Female Individual category. Our school was represented by Ariana Lim Junyi from S5I

joven bong 1891176_980748115379651_7956013003400288945_n

and Joven Bong Pey Wu from S4E.

junior female junior female.

Ariana Lim won a gold medal while Joven Bong won a silver medal.

The Team Kata event was held the next day. The participants from our school were Ariana Lim Junyi and Mabel Theodora Robless (K3B).

sec day warm upp sec day warm up. sec day warm up

They started to warm up as soon as they reached the stadium to get ready for their competition.

teamm team. team

Here are some pictures of their kata performance.

Bunkaii bunkai. bunkai

Our girls performed ‘bunkai’ for their final and their performance was impressive.


They were the champions for Team Female Kata event! All their hard work had paid off!

The makers junior ended with a bang. We are proud of our girls.

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14th June, 2015


Please be informed that training is as usual tommorow,same place and time. Tommorow is the last day to tell the seniors if you are able to attend Karate Camp 2015 at 27/6/2015. Also, remember to bring your GII, GREEN CARD, MONTHLY FEES. Thank you

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