31st March, 2022

Activity Planning Date

Bil Tarikh Aktiviti
1 26/3/2022 AGM Meeting
2 1/4/2022 Online Assignment/ Online Training
3 9/4/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
4 15/4/2022 Online Assignment
5 23/4/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
6 29/4/2022 Online Assignment
7 14/5/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
8 28/5/2022 Online Training
9 17/6/2022 Online Assignment
10 25/6/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
11 1/7/2022 Online Assignment
12 15/7/2022 Online Assignment
13 23/7/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
14 27/8/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
15 2/9/2022 Online Assignment
16 24/9/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
17 8/10/2022 Online Training
18 22/10/2022 Latihan Biasa/ Online Training
19 28/10/2022 Online Assignment
20 12/11/2022 Majlis Perpisahan


**Pengumuman dari semasa ke semasa akan dibuat jika ada perubahan penetapan KPM/PPD

Tempat Berlatih/ Venue

Physical: Stadium

Online: –


Yuran /Fees

Setiap ahli perlu membayar yuran sebanyak RM30 setiap bulan untuk bayaran kepada jurulatih, yakni untuk sesi persekolahan 2022/2023, bulan April – Oktober 2022 sebanyak 7 bulan

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31st March, 2022

Karate AJK List 2022

Pengerusi: Tan Syn Yee
Naib pengerusi: Sim Ching Yi
Setiausaha: Tan Qi Wen
Penolong setiausaha: Tan Kengie
Bendahari: Rachel Giam Yu Shuang
Penolong bendahari: Yee Qian Yu
Disiplin: Bernice Low Yu Han
Papan kenyataan: Woon Ru Thian
Projek Hijau: Jin Cia Shiean
Multimedia blog: Cheong Ker Xin
Wakil F1: Ashley Soong Hui Lynn
Wakil F2: Kong Jia En
Wakil F3: Ong Ling Xi
Wakil F4: Tan Wuan Ling
Wakil F5: Lim Zhong Ern

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8th April, 2017


HEY KARATE KAs ! As you all know other than PKF2017  there is also the 27th MAKAF NATIONAL CADET, JUNIOR & U-21 KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017  that was held in March too! MAKAF JUNIOR 2017 was held at the home of the northern star which is PERLIS  😆 . Our fellow friends from our club participated in the championship and came back with awesome results! They were able to bring back 7 golds , 5 silvers and 1 bronze , isn’t that cool!

Here are the achievements!


Ashley Toh Ti Ying ( Silver )

Madeline Wong Mei Ge ( Bronze )



Joven Bong Pew Wu ( Silver )

and her teammate ( gold )



Ariana Lim Jun Yi – our former senior  ( Gold )

and her teammate –  Chang Sin Yi ( silver )



Mabel Theodora Robless  ( gold )

Madeline Wong Mei Ge  ( gold )

and also their teammate from SGGS  – Kwok Wen Chi ( gold )

Other than our girls here are the other achievements from the other participants


Tan Wai Keat ( CHCHS ) ( gold )

Su Ming Wei ( CLPHS ) ( silver )



Ooi San Hong ( SXI ) (gold )

Yong Kojiro ( CLPHS ) ( silver )



Ivan Oh Theng Wei ( gold )

Howart Tan Jia Jie ( silver )

Yong Ryotaro ( bronze )



Ooi San Hong ( SXI ) ( gold )

Ernie Tye Chun Chuen ( CLPHS ) ( gold )

Yong Kojiro ( CLPHS ) ( gold )

Here are some other pictures !

After the awarding ceremony

Hope you enjoyed and always remember WORK HARD AND NEVER GIVE UP !!




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8th April, 2017

PKF 2017

HEY GUYS! sorry for not updating the blog for quite a while 😮  But if you were wondering what happen during the past month…well our fellow karate members participated in PKF 2017 selections which was held in Dewan Silat , Majlis Sukan Negeri , Pulau Pinang! Here are some pictures:-D

Joven Bong Pey Wu ( S5E ) Won first place in the Junior Female Individual Kata Category


Ashley Toh Ti Ying (K3J) Won first placing in the Cadet Female Individual Kata Category


Madeline Wong Mei Ge ( K3J )  Won second placing in the Cadet Female Individual Kata Category

Due to their achievements, they were able to participate in MAKAF 2017.

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13th January, 2017

First Training of 2017

Hi Guys, welcome to Karate – Do Club. You’re part of the family now ! Please be noted that tomorrow , 14/1 will be our first training of the year . Hope to see you guys!

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14th September, 2016

Gotong Royong 2016

We had our gotong royong on 10/9/2016 (Saturday). All of the members cleaned the stadium of the school together. They helped each other, and got closer to each other. This is a good activity to build up a strong team of Karate Club.

IMG_4394 IMG_4388 IMG_4386 IMG_4384

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14th September, 2016

Committee List 2016

Pengerusi                         :Ariana Lim Jun Yi                S5I

Naib Pengerusi                :Sylvia Teoh Jia Yi                P4A

Setiausaha                        : Nicole Chong Sue Lynn     S5D

P. Setiasusaha                  : See Ying Hui                       S4B

Bendahari                         : Mabel Theodora Robless K3B

P.Bendahari                      : Madeline Wong Mei Ge   K2I

Ketua Papan Kenyataan: Kheoh Sin Yee                    S4H

Ketua Disiplin                  : Joven Bong Pey Wu          S4E


T1&2: Ashley Toh Ti Ying K2L

T3: Audrey Lim Xue Chi K3F

T4: Lim Mei Xian S4C

T5: Loh Nian Hui S5H

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6th September, 2016

2016 Committee List



Guru-guru Penasihat:

1. Cik Lim Suat Har

2. Cik Chew Ho Im 

3. Pn. Lau Siik Ngie 

4. Pn. Jeyaletchumi


Pengerusi : Ariana Lim Junyi S4I
Naib Pengerusi : Sylvia Teoh Jia Yi                   P4A
Setiausaha : Nicole Chong Sue Lynn         S5D
Pen. Setiausaha : See Ying Hui                             S4B
Bendahari : Mabel Theodora Robless      K3B
Pen. Bendahari : Madeline Wong Wei Ge   K2I
Ketua Disiplin : Joven Bong Pey Wu             S4E
Ketua Papan Kenyataan : Kheoh Sin Yee                        S4H
Wakil Tingkatan 1 : Ashley Toh Ti Ying               K2L
Wakil Tingkatan 2 : Ashley Toh Ti Ying               K2L
Wakil Tingkatan 3 : Audrey Lim Xue Chi             K3F
Wakil Tingkatan 4 : Lim Mei Xian                          S4B
Wakil Tingkatan 5 : Loh Nian Hui S5H

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23rd June, 2016


Ariana Lim Junyi (S5I) won a bronze medal in the Individual Kata event at this international karate championship which was held from 7/4 – 10/4/2016.

Ariana Lim took a photo with her coach, Sensei Lim Lee Lee


All the Malaysia players got brilliant result


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17th April, 2016

CSTC 2016

There will be a Combined School Training Camp at Chung Ling High School on May 2nd 2016. Please pass up your form and RM25 to your form representative by this MONDAY (18/4/16). After Monday, please pass to our karate president, Ariana Lim (S5I). The deadline is 19/4/16 (Tuesday).

Pass your form and money to :

Form 1 and 2 – Ashley Toh (K2L)

Form 3 – Audrey Lim (K3F)

Form 4 – Lim Mei Xian (S4C)

Form 5 – Ariana Lim (S5I)

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