20th April, 2019

Sea KF Bangkok Thailand 2019

Hi guys! We have good news. Our fellow friend Madeline Wong Mei Ge from P5B won a silver medal in Junior Individual kata. Madeline also won bronze medal with Ashley Toh Ti Ying in Junior Female Team Kata. Ariana Lim Jun Yi won a silver medal in U21 Female Individual Kata whereas Mabel Theodora Robless won a bronze medal in Female Team Kata. Moreover,Khaw Yee Voon won a silver medal in Female Team Kata and Female Individual Kata. Congratulations!!!!


In a nutshell, our friends won 9 gold ,12 silver and 16 bronze in the competition. Our sensei, Lim Lee Lee helped them a lot in the competition. Thanks to sensei.

Our sensei, Lim Lee Lee



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